The Sales Life with Marsh Buice

588. “Be the voiceover artist in your own life,” w/ Emmy award winning Tasia Valenza

Episode Summary

Use the most powerful instrument you possess. Your voice. Become the voiceover artist in your life & no longer be the voice-under.

Episode Notes

Today on TSL we welcome Emmy-winning voiceover artist, actress, & motivational speaker Tasia Valenza. If you don’t recognize her face, you’ll recognize her voice. Tasia is renowned for voicing iconic female characters in video games & animated television shows such as the seductress Poison Ivy in the Batman: Arkham Series, Commander Venisa Doza in Star Wars Resistance, General Shaak Ti in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Sniper Wolf in the favorite Metal Gear Solid games. 

Tasia voices countless commercials, animated series, video games, narrations, promos, and radio imaging which has inspired the creation of #GiveGreatVoice, a platform that encourages confident, considerate verbal communication. (The first C in your SalesLife:)

Tasia has also co-created and voiced a free-to-use, science-based affirmation meditation app, Haven, with the hopes of helping people rewire their brains for peace of mind. 

If you are a parent, teacher, in sales, a teenager, or just at a low point in life right now, this episode is FOR YOU. 

Check out Tasia's Tedx talk  here.

Connect to Tasia & learn more of her work through Give Great Voice on LinkedIn.