The Sales Life with Marsh Buice

589. For all those difficult situations in your life. You need a script

Episode Summary

How do you field the question, “How are you?” after having your Olympic dreams crushed, getting fired with no cause, AND accidentally running over a child?

Episode Notes

Nina Sossamon-Pogue‘s dreams of going to the Olympics was crushed due to a career ending injury. She went on to become voted Top News Anchor for 9 years straight, but was suddenly fired just to clear the books. Getting her bearings again she became top news anchor in another market, yet it came to a halt after tragically running over a little boy.

You may have had it bad, but Nina Sossamon-Pogue has had it worse. Yet she didn’t let ”THIS” moments end her. Nor should you.

How do you recover from “THIS” moments in your life? 1) You have to face to world. 2) You need a script.

Grab a copy of her book, “THIS Is Not The End. Strategies to help you get through the worst chapters of your life,) here.

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