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595. The episode that never was. 7 valuable lessons when I forgot to hit record.

Episode Summary

Imagine after years of putting in the work, you finally get to talk to someone who made a huge impression in your Sales Life...only to forget to hit record. 🤦‍♂️

Episode Notes

Today’s episode is HUGE! (Youuuge as some people say) A book that made an impression in my Sales Life was Mark Hunter’s book, “A Mind for Sales.” Mark & I got a chance to talk about the book, the profession, & the lifestyle of sales on Friday the 13th knife

Only I forgot to hit record. 

Not only was I 10 minutes late (because I joined the wrong Zoom link) & kept one of the top sales influencers waiting, but I had a whole conversation and made the biggest blunder of all. 

What was I to do? Should I make up a technical story & blame Zoom? How many days should I wait to tell him that his time was just wasted? Was this a sign that I’m out of my league?

The answers, lessons, & questions for you to ponder are coming up today on TSL. 

What’s your takeaways from today’s episode?

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