The Sales Life with Marsh Buice

The Privilege, Honor, & Respect of the Sales Profession: “The Sales Hunter” Mark Hunter takes over TSL

Episode Notes

Named "Top 50 Most Influential Sales and Marketing Leaders," "The Sales Hunter" Mark Hunter takes over TSL!  

Mark Hunter teaches CEO's and Sales Leaders from 5 continents  and more than 100 countries on how to sell using authenticity, transparency, and values. 

 Hunter is  "The King Of Zing." Hunter pulls no punches in the way that he writes and the way that he delivers his messages. (You'll soon discover) With his no-nonsense approach, he'll zing you with a thought that'll make you take notice and want to improve your Sales Life. 

"Sales isn't a profession, it's a lifestyle."~ Mark Hunter

By profession or life skill, I highly recommend that you to grab a copy of Mark's book, "A Mind For Sales."

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Time Stamps:

8:58: The advantages of learning the skills of selling.

12:22 :You won't close every deal, but you will gain on every encounter. 

15:52: Earn privilege, honor, and respect  to follow up. 

17:18: Why you come first.

21:16: Sales is built around trust.

26:49: The Hunter's experience  when shopping for a  new SUV.

29:09: "I live down the road from Warren Buffet."

34:12: "There's no such thing as a non emotional buying decision."

37:37: "Treat selling like farming. "

41:41: The experience of working with "Blue Man Group."

46:16 "Monday's are push off days."

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