The Sales Life with Marsh Buice

600. Your results will soar when you learn how to “land the plane.”

Episode Summary

How many times have you made an offer and bought it right back?

Episode Notes

World class negotiator & Columbia Law Professor Alexandra Carter was recently a guest on Hala Taha’s Young & Profiting Podcast   speaking about her book “Ask For More.


Carter teaches a powerful 3 word technique that will yield you higher results:


“Land the plane ✈️ “


How many times have you made a point or an offer only to dilute the offer with your words?


🙋‍♂️OkMe too.


Today we are going to rock this episode out by learning how to “Land the Plane.”


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Check out Tala’s podcast: “Young and Profiting.”


Stay tuned to the end for your TSL Takeaways to apply NOW to your Sales Life.