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606. “After the struggle, there’s GREATNESS on the other side.” What it means to live The Lemonade Life 🍋 with Zack Friedman

Episode Summary

“The Lemonade Life 🍋 isn’t a destination, it is only the first step. It’s a continuous journey to find your best self and live your full potential every day.” ~ Zack Friedman

Episode Notes

Episodes 603, 604, & 605 we riffed out of the book “The Lemonade Life 🍋.” Today the best-selling author himself Zack Friedman stops by The Sales Life

to share simple, yet profound behavior switches that you can apply to your Life right now. If you're having the best year ever or the year can't end fast enough this book is for you!

Marketing guru, Seth Godin calls "The Lemonade Life" practical, heartfelt, simple wisdom for people at any stage of their career. 

NYT Best Selling author Marshall Goldsmith writes that "The Lemonade Life"  shows you how you can clearly change your perspectives, behaviors, and actions to lead a life with greater purpose. 

Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage writes that "The Lemonade Life" teaches your brain that change is possible. 

Listen. Re-listen. Apply this episode to your SalesLife. 

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Invest in this book and use The Lemonade Life as a reference for your Life. 

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