The Sales Life with Marsh Buice

611.How I get my ideas for 1000’s of episodes

Episode Summary

A great episode for those in the Creatives (One of the 8 C’s) & yes that’s you too if you use social media.

Episode Notes

You may think this episode is NOT for you since you’re not starting a podcast, blog, or channel, but you’d be wrong. 

First you may start one in the future (& you should. Now you just gave me another show idea - thank you :) 

The second reason you should listen to today’s show (besides the fact that you have mad luv for me), you are a brand. Every day you’re marketing your persona & skills on social media.

This episode will help you source your ideas better & hone the awareness of getting material from anywhere.

I hope you find value in today’s show. You can watch it recorded LIVE on The Sales Life YouTube Channel.