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628. You get rewarded for the EXECUTION not the IDEA 💡

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Don‘t stop because you weren’t the first...start because you‘re bold enough to finish.

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I ❤️ today’s episode, (and all the others too 😂) but this one is important because we’ve all come up with a brilliant idea, yet we flush it once we hear someone thought  of it first. Join the list. Alexander Bell, the Wright brothers, nor did Steve Jobs come up with the idea, but they sure as hell executed on that idea.

Don‘t stop because you weren’t the first...start because you‘re bold enough to finish. 

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Episode Transcription

One thing I like about being on social media is I'm always looking for context. I'm always looking for other ideas. One reason why I listen to podcasts is because I'm always looking for ideas that I can actually bend into my sales life, how I can interpret it, live it, learn from it, and then also share it as well. So Jason Harris made a post yesterday on LinkedIn and he was talking about many people who... They get the credit for a product that is out there, yet they weren't the ones who invented it. But when you think of somebody, like when you say iPod, who's the first person you think of? Steve Jobs. He didn't invent the iPod. When you think of somebody like Alexander Graham Bell or the Wright Brothers, see, none of those guys actually invented it. They didn't come up with the concept. But see, what they do is they get credit for the execution. 


 That's all you get credit for, is the execution. The credit, the rewards that you get in life are because of the execution, not because of the idea. You know how many people are out there that have great ideas? I mean, how many showers are there with great ideas and those showers, all those ideas go down the drain because they don't execute it. I would rather get credit for the execution than ever get credit for the idea. I don't worry about that. See, many people who invented, they invented the concept yet where they fell short was they were trying to push out a finished product or get a finished product ready before shipping out. And what's different with the Steve Jobs of this world, what's different with the Elon Musk of this world, the Henry Fords of this world, what's different about those guys is they saw the concept and they ran with the idea. 

 And what they did is it was not a completely finished product, but what they did is they put something out there and then made improvements along the way while the person who had the brilliant idea, absolutely brilliant, he was left behind because he was trying to make something perfect. Case in point. In 2017, man, when I started the Sales Life Podcast, at the time, I think there was like 700,000 podcasts out there. I could have looked at that number at 700,000 and said, "There's no way. No one's going to actually notice me." But even though I wasn't number one in line, I wasn't number 500 in line, I wasn't even number 500,000 in line, but I executed on it anyway. But flash-forward to nearly four years later. Now there's over a million podcast. And it's about to explode on top of that. 

Speaker 1: So now when I look at it, because what I did is I didn't fall back because the number was so large and said, "Oh, there's no way." I executed on an idea that I had and I've made improvements along the way. And now today, four years later, I'm 300,000 to the good. I'm 300,000 above other people who are just starting. Here's the rub. Many times people never get started on something because you don't get started because you weren't the first one to think of it because someone else already had that idea because someone else has already gone before you and you pull up in life because someone else has the idea. But what you don't understand is you don't understand how many people that have already gone before you started with the wrong intent. What you don't understand is how many people that went before you are frustrated that they're not getting the results quick enough, are the people that went before you have not continued to evolve. This transcript was exported on Apr 01, 2021 - view latest version here. You get rewarded in life because of the execution...

 And so even though there may be hundreds of thousands of people already started before you, you have no idea how close most of those are to quitting simply because they're frustrated, because the results, because they're burned out because they didn't involve. You got to execute, man, I don't care. Who's already gone before you. It doesn't matter. So if you have a podcast idea, if you have a blog, if you have an online business, if you want to start some, whatever it is, whatever it is, if there are many people who have already gone into this field and haven't made it yet, it doesn't matter. I need you to move from the idea to the execution and make the adjustments along the way because no one gets credit for the idea. The ones who are the champions are the ones who learn to execute. Just run with it, man, just run with it. 

Speaker 1: Because right now you don't need a finished product. What you think is the finished product is going to be nowhere close to the finished product. This is where you need to finish the idea and start with the greatest push. That's what you got to do. You got to push off and then you're going to make the adjustments along the way. And what seems like the perfect idea as you begin executing, number one, people are going to champion it along the way. Number two is you're going to make connections along the way. And number three, and probably a great big number three is what started one direction is going to be on a whole different plane. I realize there were people who started a podcast way after me, who lit up and lit fire and are to top of the chart. Good for them. Speaker 1: I'm not on their timeframe, I'm on mine. And until it's my timeframe, and when it all lines up, it's going to line up the way it needs to. So maybe the idea that I have, maybe it's a good thing that I'm not at the top of the chart because it means life is telling me that you're not a finished product, that you don't have quite what I want you to put out there yet. So I'm going to hold you, I'm going to pull you down a little bit, and pull down in a productive way. I'm not going to springboard you up because I know you've got more that you can perfect. I know that you've got more that you can actually evolve in. And then you to the top, you to the roof. But you've got to do your part today. And your part is in the execution, that's it. And then you adjust along the way. 

Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sell you on you. Stay amazing. Stay in the Sales Life.