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631. Your gains are in the GAPS

Episode Summary

You don’t need to take a sabbatical and live in a cabin in the woods to get things done. You just need to mind your GAPS.

Episode Notes

“Going onto a movie set is like something you’ve never seen,” said Jay Shetty to his good friend & actor Will Smith. “It’s pressure packed with so many moving parts.  Everyone has to be in position, remember their lines, & get the shot before the sun goes down.”


“I knew you were committed to personal growth when I’d see you reading in the gaps between the scenes.”


An actor like Smith could’ve done anything he wanted to do...after all, he’d arrived & one of the biggest actors in the world. Yet with millions in the bank, instead of laying up and getting pampered, Will Smith prepared in the GAPS.


Your gain is in your GAPS. You probably don’t notice it because it’s the “only’s.” It’s only 5 minutes...7 minutes... 3 minutes...or 1/2 hour before your next event. But those “only’s” just equated to 45 minutes that you could’ve gained in expertise.


I used to think I needed to take a week off from work to work on things that I just didn’t “have time” to get to during a normal work week only to waste it & go back to work frustrated.


Your gain is in your GAPS. Where do you want to be in the future? Preload a video, ebook, blog, or podcast (or all) that have everything to do with the direction you want to go and GAP IT UP with knowledge.


What’s in your GAP?


Mind your gaps & you’ll make your future.


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Episode Transcription

Jay Shetty said to his friend & actor Will Smith, “Walking onto a movie set is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Racing against time & with so many moving parts, everything has to fall into place perfectly.“

Shetty told his friend Will Smith, I knew you were committed to personal growth when I saw what you did with your GAPS.

One of the most bankable stars in Hollywood could’ve rested on his accomplishments and enjoyed being pampered in his trailer, yet Smith chose to increase his knowledge in the gaps of time between takes. 

How much time do you waste in the GAPS? The seemingly inconsequential times that you spend waiting, when you could instead be investing in your future? 

You don’t need a vacation nor live in a cabin in the mountains in order to develop your future. You just need to mind your GAPS.

Your gains are in your gaps. Preload an ebook, blog, video, podcast, or keep a physical book & notepad with you at all times and be ready for your gaps. Those 3, 5, 7, or 1/2 hour slivers of time that you create your future instead of consuming other people‘s content. 

The only difference between you and the richest person in the world is the way they mind the gaps.

Mind your gap. Manage your future. 

Jay Shetty & Will Smith’s conversation