The Sales Life with Marsh Buice

632. Your comfort zone never stays the same. It’s either shrinking or expanding.

Episode Summary

When you’re called out, up, challenged, or threatened, will your decision be one of shrinking or expansion?

Episode Notes

Richard Fenton, co-author of one of my favorite books, “Go For No,” said, “Your comfort zone is either shrinking or expanding, but it never stays the same.”

It’s either/or, but it’s not neither nor.

One question to ask yourself right before making a decision is, “Am I shrinking or expanding in this moment!”

Playing it safe, selective, or judgmental only tightens the bands of “comfort,” until you’re a shadow of what you once were or could‘ve been.

You can’t shrink your way into greatness. It’s time to get back into the expansion business. 

Episode Transcription

Welcome to episode 632 of The Sales Life. The Sales Life is not just for those in the sales profession, it is for those building the life skills of selling. With over 2 decades in the sales profession, I've used the skills of selling in my personal life to thrive after being bankrupt, divorced, and demoted. The skills needed to be successful in sales are the same skills that you need to be successful in Life. These skills are the 9 C's: Communication, connection, curiosity, consistency, creativity, continuous learning, courage, coachable, and handle the criticism. You already have access to these skills. I'll just help you ignite them. Sales if Life. Life is Sales. Ta-Dah! Welcome to The Sales Life. 

(Show notes)

I've always thought of my comfort zone as an area that just stays the same, but not so, said Richard Fenton, author of the book, Go For No. 

"Your comfort zone is either shrinking or expanding, but it never stays the same."

Phrases like "I'm good," are a don't rock the boat mentality. You're not trying to make it any worse...but you're not going to make it any better. If your comfort zone never stays the same-it's either shrinking or expanding and you're not doing anything to change your situation, then you my friend are a shrinker. 

If you're on a roll or getting rolled over, a great question to ask yourself in the moment is, "Am I shrinking or expanding?" In other words, will my next decision push me outwardly or will I play it safe, selective, or be judgmental simply because, "I'm good."

You're shrinking when you say phrases such as:

It's ok.

Good enough. 

Maybe tomorrow.

I'll double up or start on Monday. 

If you're in sales, you're being selective, cherry-picking the customers that are ready to buy or judgmental of others by saying, "I could do that, but....."

The deceiving part about your comfort zone is that it starts off loose and wide, but with every shrinking decision of playing it safe, selective, or judgmental, your zone gets tighter and tighter, choking off your opportunities and potential.

When you have to show social proof to unbelievers that you once were in shape, a top producer, or had it going on, what you're really saying to others is, "These were the times I was expanding," yet today you are shrunken in defeat. 

If you're expanding, your comfort zone isn't comfortable at all because you're always willing to take on the challenges; risk looking foolish; feel the stings of failure, but the discomfort is temporary because with every rep and risk you take, you're expanding your bandwidth to manage and achieve so much more. 

Most people shrink with regrets, but now now that you listened to this episode, you are rising to greatness. 

Play big today. If you're uncertain, ask yourself, "Will the effort of this decision cause me to shrink or expand?" 

It's time to get back into the expansion business. Be great. Stay in The Sales LIfe.